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11th AIRTEC 2016 - Supply chain Innovation at Munich, Germany on 25th to 27th October 2016.

11th AIRTEC 2016 - Supply chain Innovation at Munich, Germany on 25th to 27th October 2016 was a good success. It has created a platform to exchange ideas on innovation in trending market. EniT Invilogic participated as exhibitor and presenter in AIRTEC Congress.

EniT Invilogic presented 2 topics at AIRTEC Congress:
1. Prognosis & Health Management (PHM) for Propulsion Systems presented by Dr Prakash Patnaik, NRC Aerospace, Canada on behalf of EniT Invilogic GmbH, Germany on 26th October 2016 and
2. Productivity improvement and cost reduction through DA and KBE in Aircraft design process by Girish Jois and Siddhartha Durairajan EniT Invilogic GmbH on 27th of October 2016.
Along with above topics Enit Invilogic showcased their other line of business in stall exhibition on Virtual Reality, MRO Solutions (MRO Maintenance & Engineering ERP).
EniT received good response in terms of business and will be looking forward to expand its business.

16th April, 2015 - Indian Public sector company HMT signs.

Indian Public sector company HMT signs MoU with Munich based ENIT GmbH-Make in India campaign at Hannover messe 16th April, 2015

HMT limited, one of the oldest public sector units in India, signed a memorandum of understanding with ENIT GmbH, Engineering services company based out of Munich - Germany, to provide “total engineering solutions” to German customers.
This MOU was signed during recently concluded Hannover exhibition where India launched its ambitious “Make in India“ campaign.

For more information, Please refer to following media links released on 16.04.2015



For more information about “make in india “ campaign For more information on MOU, click here.

10th April, 2014 - EniT @ Hamburg Aircraft Interiors Expo 2014.

Aircraft Interior Expo 2014 recently held at Hamburg, (Germany) was a good success and established itself as the most important event for cabin interiors.

EniT being a part of French Pavilion (organized by UBIFRANCE, the French export-support agency) at the Aircraft Interiors Expo 2014 trade show, along with over 25 French companies and regional entities showcased their expertise in the aerospace industry.
EniT received good response in terms of business and will be looking forward to expand its business along with expertise and experienced engineers in Aircraft interiors.
We thank our Managing Director- Mr. Girish Jois, for accommodating such a wonderful stage for customer interaction.

6th Nov, 2013 - Service Innovation .

Service innovation - EniT –Germany employee gets Second place in world wide customer innovation competition. 6th Nov, 2013

Mr. Anujit Khutia , Senior Stress Engineer working in Aerospace division of EniT –Germany has developed an innovative software tool which not only automated the solutions also saved 250,000 Euros for customer a tier 1 supplier of Airbus with 8 major Business Units around the world.

This is a tool which uses Excel VBA that would automatically extract result from NASTRAN, a stress anaylsis software application which is extensively used in Aerospace Industry. This application named “ Static Reserve Factor Extraction Tool “ , was selected as the Idea of the Quarter from Customer’s German Business unit and Got second place as “innovative idea of the quarter” a competition held recently with in different BU ‘s represented internationally.

Anujit who is working in EniT –Germany and serving Aerospace customers as lead Engineer says “This recognition is an achievement, and achievement is for EniT as well. Because it is EniT who gave me the opportunity to work here. ” commenting on what made him to think on this direction , he goes on “we all work in a delivery-driven environment. But still I believe there is scope for thinking differently and making a change. It only depends on what we choose. I had the choice to stick to my regular work in the team, without taking this extra pain. But, if we choose to think differently (even if it is painful), there would definitely be someone to appreciate it ”.

In recognizing this achievement, announcing a cash reward for Mr.Khutia , Girish jois –Founder and CEO of EniT says “ It is a myth that in an Engineering services company one cannot do innovation, innovation in its own form can be coming from all levels, as long as Market needs and everyday business challenges are understood properly. Companies in the longer run have to focus on services innovation , process innovation and drive consistent results through automation”. Praising the work and attitude of Mr.Khutia he said “ Anujit has an extra ordinary ability to look at a problem and find solution, thinking in terms of fundamentals and making routine work more interesting .Engineering services companies needs such people who can create a value at customer place ”.