Affiliated Companies


Engrossit is our technological partner where we have experts from different and niche technological background like Analytics, IoT, Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE), Automation, Aviation MRO IT, etc. EniT having extensive domain knowledge in Aerospace & Automotive now will provide products and solutions to these industries along with industrial and energy domain.

Invilogic Software

To bring the power of design difference, across varied disciplines to impact and transform the way businesses operate and deliver across the world. And thereby, ultimately, transforming the quality of life people lead. Part of a $300 million net worth Group with business interests in Mechanical Engineering Design, Software Engineering, ITES, Hospitality and Realty. 14 years of eclectic experience in Engineering Services across varied verticals. Extensive experience in Knowledge Based Engineering (KBE). Integrated end-to-end solutions with IT products / IT-enabled Services, with emphasis on "Lean Engineering". Having development centre in Hyderabad (India) Houston (USA). Working with industry leaders around the globe in Americas, Europe and Asia.

UG Academy

UG Academy is our knowledge hub where we have pool of experienced persons in different industry and technology background, imparting their experience and knowledge to buddying, energetic engineers and students. EniT take up and successfully completes Applied Research projects and get associated with young, energetic pool of students / Engineers / Universities and pool of experienced professors.

Cosnox Solutions

With clients all over the world and expertise in everything digital, we are ambitious, growing fast and committed to providing the best digital services. We have an impeccable track record for helping our customers gain popularity in the online world and beyond. Our Innovations makes the world to move in a different dimension.

Software Solutions, Web Development, Branding and Designing, Machine Designing and Erection, Hardware Programming, Printing Solutions and E-commerce Solutions are some of the sectors of our expertise. You can always approach with a datasheet you wish to be accomplished.