With growing size, complexity and diversity of information, organizations are posed with a challenge to store it and extract valuable and useful information out of it. The challenge is not only to store or process information, but to do it in a cost effective way. EniT with its expertise in data analytics, helps its partner to process this “Big Data” transform big data into insights by using open source data analysis tools such as R-Studio and Hadoop.

Our areas of expertise include:

• Advanced Analytics
• Business Intelligence
• Information Management
• Frameworks and Solutions
• Functional Expertise

EniT has given solutions on Operation Interruption (OI) and In Service Occurrences (ISO) for certain fleet of aircrafts. Conducted analysis on Cabin Filters and one of the component of Supplemental Cooling system of an aircraft.

Our approach is to bring system engineering and ISHM methodologies to implement predictive maintenance into high value assets. Planning maintenance parameters which needs to be captured through sensors in real time, processing on cloud platform, developing mobile applications (apps) to give information, warnings to make decisions by adapting analytical methods. predictive analytics uses regression analysis, modeling, neural network and simulation algorithms taking into account multiple independent variables to determine the likelihood of an event happening in the future.

Our CFD Activities include:

• Total cost of ownership
• Performance contracting
• Remaining useful life
• Condition based monitoring
• Predictive analytics
• Prognostics 


With geographically separated design offices and manufacturing plants, it is technology that is binding people, and processes. PLM is one such enterprise level application framework to enable a common platform for virtual collaboration across the globe.

The core design and manufacturing processes that are managed within PLM are :

• Engineering Change Management
• Product Structure Management
• Engineering Data Management
• Engineering Data Visualization

  PLM products are available as ‘off the shelf’ tools that need to be adapted to suit industry specific processes and best practices.

EniT possesses the right blend of skilled professionals with industry background and professionals for defining functional process definitions and supporting PLM product customization.

EniT PLM Team - Tools & Technologies Know How

Technical Publication

Technical Publication at EniT involves creating, reviewing, editing and controlling technical documents. Being a premier service provider for Aerospace domain, we specialize in supporting tech pub requirements by complying with various standards like ATA100, ATA iSpec2200, S1000D, ASD STE (Simplified Technical English), ATA 104. The following documents are catered under Tech Pub activities for Aero industry:

• Aero Engine Manuals (EM)
• Engine Overhaul Manual (OHM)
• Engine Maintenance Manual (EMM)
• Component Maintenance Manual (CMM)
• Cleaning, Inspection and Repair (CIR)
• Manual Illustrated Parts Catalogue (IPC/IPL)
• Service Bulletins (SB)
• Aircraft Maintenance Manual (AMM)
• Structural Repair Manual (SRM)
• Training Manuals Pilot/Flight Manual Acceptance Test Procedures.

Irrespective of which industry we serve, EniT also specializes in creation, revision and maintenance of the following documents: