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Our areas of expertise include:

• Fuselage
• Wings and Empennage
• Pylons
• Tail Cone
• Aerodynamic Studies
• Digital Mock Up
• Composites

Our competency areas include conceptual, feasibility and detail design encompassing Fuselage Components such as Skin Panels, Frames, Stringers, Cross Beams and other attachments like Clips, Brackets, Ramps, Traverses Wing, Empennage, Vertical Tail Plane and Stabilizers with different material characteristics - metallic, sheet metal and composites.

Our areas of expertise include:

• Cabin Interiors
• Galleys & Lavatory
• Oxygen System
• Piping & Tubing
• Waste Water System
• Insulation.

Concept to component level solution for airplane interiors like Galley, Lavatory, Sidewall, PSU, Ceiling, Crew Closet, Partition Bulkhead, Dog House etc.

Our areas of expertise include:

• Environmental Control System
• Hydraulic System
• Pneumatic system
• Flight control system

Competencies include simulation validation, Flight test analysis, Condition monitoring, Data Analytics, space allocation, clash detection, etc.

Our areas of expertise include:

• Electrical System
• Harness design & routing
• Flight Management System
• Avionics System

Competencies include Simulation model creation, Verification & Validation, Qualification test support, Electrical load analysis, Wiring Schematics, Equipment design, Bracket design and Analysis, DMU Checks, etc.

Integrated Vehicle Health Management System

Integrated Vehicle Health Management System (IVHM) is a trending topic in every Engineering field. Industries have come up with new machinery/ equipment, but maintenance of these equipment is a challenge. Safety Critical systems are often replaced at certain time period so that the whole operation is not affected. This especially often seen in aviation field. The type of maintenance is called “Hard time”. Number of studies have shown result that such equipment which are replaced have still life in it. It would have been still functioning if it were allowed to operate. Also tremendous money flow due to such maintenance. So, now with help of IVHM it is possible to monitor the condition of the system in real time and replace it before it fails. This makes aircraft airworthy most of the time and reduces maintenance cost.

EniT has carried out and published research papers on “Integrated Vehicle Health Management Systems” in association with Institute of Air Transportation Systems at Hamburg University of Technology, Germany and also associated itself in further research on this topic. EniT also trying to bring it’s know-how in IVHM across other industries.